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The general contractor has a very tough job in subcontracting work to a steel fabricator they are unfamiliar with, especially if they are looking for this work to be successful and trouble free.

The steel fabricator with the lowest price could prove out to have everything required, but how is the general contractor assured that the steel fabricator is experienced enough to get the steel detailed, fabricated accurately and delivered to the jobsite on time?

Checking references and past history helps, but the only real proof will be in the execution of the work. The first part of the answer will present itself within the steel detail and erection drawings. More will be revealed as the schedule moves on and delivery dates are met and the steel fits...or not.

What other steps can you take that are proactive? Arrange for a site visit to the fabricator's shop, discuss QC procedures, view shop detail drawings of executed projects. Have a discussion on the execution of the project to learn the fabricators plan to operate for success.

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