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The Steel Fabricator
Steel fabrication is hard work all the time. Economic times like these make it a phenomenal struggle given the odds. Everyone is scraping to get by.

How to stay competitive, successful, and survive? That is a question to which no one has a perfect, singular answer. There are options and opportunities if we keep an open mind, remain flexible and exercise patience.

Smaller projects take more administrative time, but provide work right away in the shop and a quicker turn on cash flow. Larger projects provide work further out in the schedule. Nesting a mix of projects like this will provide both short and long term work, creating a steady work flow. Secure the materials early by customer deposit to prevent a jump in pricing or lost opportunities with material availability.

It takes focus and diligence to maintain a strategy like this and you have to have good people performing the work of estimating and detailing to do it effectively.

A set of good steel shop drawings will minimize the approval turn around time and gets the drawings in the shop sooner. The accuracy of the drawings and clarity of the details creates confidence with the fabricators and fewer questions from the shop. This then reduces the hours spent in fabrication. The result is a shorter delivery schedule, larger billing amounts in shorter cycles, thus better cash flow.

This is how the efficiency gained with spending more for a quality steel detailer translates into the time and cost savings that every fabricator is looking for in a tight market, or even during the good times.

Steel Advice would be happy to help you locate the right steel detailer for you, either locally or through the NISD. Click on the Links page, call or email from the Contacts page for more information.
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