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Reviewing drawings are like reading a book. Each author has their own style of presentation, and each reader seems to have their own interpretation.

There are industry standards for steel detailing. The book, Detailing for Steel Construction by the AISC is a great guide for anyone wanting to know about steel detailing, and the National Institute of Steel Detailing has a book of standards that may be obtained through their website.

Drawing reviews are performed for compliance to industry standards during the approval review submittals. While the information on industry standards is available, many steel detailers do not create shop detail drawings in compliance with them. Compliance with steel detailing industry standards is not covered in the review performed by the project designers and general contractors, as it takes someone familiar with the standards to know what to look for.

Drawing reviews are also performed for mitigation or litigation purposes. This might be called drawing forensics, as this review would be done sometime long after the project has been completed.

Whether your drawing review needs are for compliance with industry standards or for forensic reasons, Steel Advice can do this for you. We can review a set of shop detail and erection drawings, together with all the RFI's, transmittals, approval submittals and returns, and write a complete dissertation of what happened on the project.

We can uncover all the issues and trace them back to their source with specific detail about how each problem began, what happened and what the end result was. Click on Contact Us for more information.
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