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Change orders are created to resolve design issues discovered after the project has been awarded. The execution of change orders is an immediate requirement, intended to minimize the impact of creating a product that will not work with the design of the building.

If the change orders are issued prior to the start of fabrication it could be likely that the steel fabricator may gain approval for the extra work prior to the start of fabrication. Sometimes though, the steel fabricated for the change order ends up at the jobsite before the change order pricing is finalized and agreed upon.

Accurate documentation is the only way to prove actual costs on change orders. A detailed, written comparison of the old documents to the new, along with specific items by piece mark that were changed will be required.

Costs associated with change order work would be any steel detailing, engineering, materials, buy outs or external fabrications, shop labor, prime painting, galvanizing, handling and shipping that would be expended.

Additional documentation, such as invoices for goods and services, and verification of the shop fabrication hours may need to be provided. The steel fabricator must provide this information timely to obtain approval for these additional costs and get them into the billing applications.

Project managers for the steel fabricator must remain diligent in tracking the progress for each change order as this will help keep them from getting stuck in the system.

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