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Extra work is additional fabrication created by the design team, the general contractor, or the steel erector.

The steel fabricator should be notified about extra work in writing. Verbal directives need to be followed up by a written request. The steel fabricator needs to respond to this request by presenting the additional costs associated with the work as expediently as possible. This proposal should be met with a written approval for those costs prior to the execution of the work.

Additional costs associated with extra work would be any steel detailing, engineering, materials, buy outs or external fabrications, shop labor, prime painting, galvanizing, handling and shipping that would be expended.
Don't ever assume that it is a good plan just to do the work and carry a bill to be presented to the contractor at the end. Not dealing with this in specific detail from beginning to end will result in not being paid for the work.

In pricing extras, what is often not considered is the 'domino' affect of changes to the work. The steel detailer has to change a dimension from one point to another, but then that one dimension will affect any framing that comes in to that area. Now instead of detailing one part it becomes a family of parts.

After all the detailing corrections have been made it has to be checked before the drawings are then released for fabrication. The hours for steel detailing could end up taking more time than the fabrication. The fabrication of the extra interrupts shop schedules. The shop people have to be reassigned and other work is moved out of the way to make room, and this may mean overtime will need to be added.

All of these factors have to be considered with extra work that needs to be fabricated during the execution of a current project. Lack of attention to detail here may cause the project to run over on cost accounting budgets.
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