This book is all about teaching the beginner what steel and steel estimating is. This instruction manual is not at all involved with computer programs for estimating and take off of materials. The chapter on listing materials is designed to teach how to apply the information from the contract drawings into what is usable for the steel fabricator for estimating. Without this understanding, those who are working with the contract drawings will not be able to understand their application to the trade and the real impact of what the pictures show.

Designers create the concept of what they want for fabrication, then the knowledge of the steel estimator in particular then transforms what is shown into a format for pricing. It is the steel detailer that is left to make it all workable in the real world. Making the drawings workable, a cumbersome process because of the general contractor's and fabricator's need to monitor the activity, cannot be fully understood until you have the knowledge of the drawings that this book begins to teach. This book gets the thought process started, the rest of what needs to be learned is career based and is not taught in any school.

The next volume, The Art and Science of Steel Estimating - Advanced Studies will cover the management of steel fabrication, designed to help companies survive the 'growing pains' that shops experience.
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Book Sales for July 2011 brought this review from an bower of a steel fabrication shop in Seattle, Washington, who bought two copies, this review is posted by permission from Mr. McMahon:

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