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LEED and how it affects you - there is no mystery here - it's all about providing the design team with needing documentation support to meet quotas
John Linn Associates, Inc., Livermore, California
Structural and Miscellaneous Steel Detailer
NISD and AISC Compliant
LEED and the Steel Fabricator
June 2011
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Steel Advice is a publication dedicated to support the structural and miscellaneous steel fabricator with real world solutions.
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Estimator's Corner

Shop Talk with Steve

The Project Manager

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Managing the Crew for Success
Creating your QC Standards
Beware of Hidden Costs
Spot checking shop drawings
In This Issue.....
A fabricators' dream - to have their own sandblast and paint facility. This truss is being checked for shadows.
Featured Steel Detailer
You can make your own quality control manual and program to present to your customers. This is the first installment for the series explains the mission statement.

Featured Fabricator!

Specialty Sheet Metal in Kent, Washington