Creating your QC Standards
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Elements for Creating a Quality Control Manual
Every shop wants to do work that makes them proud to have produced. For many, establishing a quality control program may seem daunting and cumbersome. Even the smallest of shops can set up a quality control program. If you break this task down to some simple steps then a foundation can be established on which the company can build.

The first step is to have a written company policy or mission statement that describes your commitment to quality and the guide you will be following. Basically this is an introduction to your company and a short description of your basic plan. This may begin with a paragraph such as:

"ABC Steel Fabricators is a team of steel professionals that is totally committed to perform steel fabrication in accordance with the requirements as dictated by the A.I.S.C. Code of Standard Practice, latest edition, together with the AWS D1.1 - Structural Welding Code."

You may include a description of the type of fabrication that is your specialty. Some include their commitment to safety. Such as:

"Our quality control system as outlined in this manual for shop fabrication of structural and miscellaneous steel is designed as our organizational standard, and all work is performed in a safety conscious environment."

This statement ends with a signature of the owner or president of the company, along with a date. It's as simple as that to start. Some may include a list of projects and reference contacts.

The next installment in this series will review the next step in building the quality control environment, The Organizational Chart. This will show the corporate officers and the management sub tiers, thus identifying the Management Responsibility.
It begins with a Mission Statement
Steel Advice - June 2011