Creating your QC Standards
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This series installment will review the next step in building the quality control environment, The Organizational Chart. This will show the corporate officers and the management sub tiers, thus identifying the Management Responsibility.

In this organizational chart, the quality control manager reports directly to the president or vice president of the company, bypassing any reporting to other department heads or sub tier staffing. The reason for this is to prevent bias, as reporting to anyone other than the company leader may allow for compliance to direction that might be considered prejudice. This below is a sample of what might be used:
Establish the Organizational Chart
The Fabricator's Resource - July 2011


Management Responsibility

Direction and Leadership

Management Representative


Internal Communication


Quality Control Procedures


Material Identification

Fabrication Processes

Inspection and Testing


Quality Control Records
Elements for Creating a Quality Control Manual
This chart, together with a page in the quality control manual entitled 'Statement of Authority' including the following declaration is what is needed to describe the role of the quality control manager.

'The Quality Control manager is responsible for the preparation, revision and issue of the Quality Control Manual and the administration and implementation of the Quality Control System in the shop and field. The Quality Control Manager has the authority and the organizational freedom to identify quality control problems, provide for their solutions and verify resolution of those problems.'