The Project Manager
Plan your work and work your plan! Projected Labor Hours are based on the budget from what was estimated.

Executing those labor hours, and 'nesting' the projected labor hours into something workable takes knowledge and talent.

Historical information alone is not enough, as the information comes too late to enable the project manager to head off the potential disaster of missing targeted delivery dates.
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There are cost accounting programs available, and these are great for accountants to review historical information. Steel Project managers need cost accounting information that is easily matched against the labor budgets used in the estimate in a 'real time' format.

This Shop Labor Distribution Schedule is all about labor hours, expended hours with the projected remaining hours, designed to support accurate delivery dates.

Current information should to be readily available to help everyone manage the job well. The project manager needs to be able to assimilate the budget information and the current cost accounting information all on one sheet. In this way the project manager can spot both potential problems with material and vendor purchases, or the opportunity that labor may run over or not occur timely.
Indirect Labor
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Shop Labor Distribution
Indirect labor are labor hours that are not billed to a job. The amount of hours in this category should not exceed 6% of the total shop labor hours at any time.

Acceptable in small allotments for safety meetings and clean up, this category may be a 'catch bin' for project errors.

Hours in this category are not billable. Indirect labor actually takes valuable production time away from projects that are.
Projecting Labor Hours