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The letter of Commitment and Company Policy was introduced in the June issue, and in July was the example presentation of the Organizational Chart together with the Quality Control Manager statement of responsibility. Continuing with the Management Responsibility and the Direction and Leadership requirements we will discuss the inclusion of job descriptions, management resume's and company history.

The Organizational Chart shows the specific Management Responsibility by department. A written description of the specific duties required of the manager of each department needs to be provided. This description may be a simple paragraph or an entire page, noting the job title, what the individual performing the job is responsible for, and who they report to. Here is an example, using the organizational chart from our July issue:

The Production Supervisor

The Production Supervisor reports directly to the Production Manager. The Production Supervisor is directly responsible for the management of shop labor, and acting on behalf of company policy requirements and all applicable codes, making certain that the execution of all fabrications is in strict compliance with the customer plans and specifications as provided for each project.

A job description should be created for each title shown at the Organizational Chart.

If there are individuals to be named for each department head the additional provision of a resume' should be available showing work history and educational background. While this is not a necessary step, this additional information is helpful in increasing customer confidence.

A company resume' may be added, showing recent work history with project size as identified by sale amount and the weight of the materials provided. Include customer name and contact information for reference.
Creating your QC Standards
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