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Creating QC Standards

On the list of excuses that shop superintendents get from employees for having to miss work are the following:

"I have to go home, my five year old ate my viagra"

"I was possessed by deamons. Here's my alarm clock that no longer works and my sweaty pillow to prove how worried I was.
Gotta be a Record!
The Estimator's Corner

The article on 'Getting those Bid Results' in the July issue of The Fabricator's Resource neglected to include an important point about retrieving bid information. The historical information on bid results is valuable reference when we are running on very tight budgets and operating at cost. When management decides to cut pricing to the quick to keep their shop full - and everyone seems to be doing this - it matters how close you were to the next number. Decisions on sales are made based on what the job will sell for, not necessarily what the project is worth when including overhead burden and profit.
Keep historical bid information in case there is ever talk about selling too cheap!
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