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The Washington State Prevailing Wage Loophole Sends Work Out of State
Always Be Training is the tip for September from Steve....
Shop Talk with Steve
The Steel Erector
This September issue is taking a look at the Prevailing Wage laws in the State of Washington. Designed to prevent destabilization with local construction markets, these laws actually force a union shop advantage for steel erectors and makes local area fabricators unable to compete with those outside the designated prevailing wage areas. Read the articles on The Washington State Prevailing Wage Loophole and The Steel Erector to find out more.
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Why can't we get any work? I'm low bidder.....
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More information on how to use the Shop Labor Distribution Sheet
The Project Manager
Keep the lid on Solvents! Use heat to 'thin' paint
The Painter's Bucket
Increase your ability to be competitive by starting your own apprenticeship program!
The Steel Erector
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Is overseas outsourcing causing you to loose work? Or is it something else...
The Steel Detailer
Smart Beams, Castellated Beams, or Cellular Beams, what is this all about?
R.F. Stearns, Inc.,
and the SmartBeam
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