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The man behind
the original design
of the castellated
beam from the 1940's -
Dr. Omer W. Blodgett,
Sc.D, P.E., pictured here.

Mr. Blodgett earned bachelor degrees in metallurgical engineering in 1941 and mechanical engineering in 1974. He accepted a position with Lincoln Electric in 1945 and today is a senior design consultant for the same company. He is recognized nationally and internationally as an expert in the design of welded connections and has been influential in the development of national standards to the AWS code. He is the author of several significant papers on sizing welds, control of distortion, brittle fracture and fatigue. He is particularly well known for two books - Design of Welded Structures and Design of Weldments. Published over 40 years ago, these books are considered to form the foundation for the entire field of design for welding.
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Smart beams, Castellated Beams, Cellular Beams - what is this all about?
Read All About it!
In May of 2001, Modern Steel Construction magazine published a very informative article called The "Smart" Solution by Billy Milligan, P.E.

This article explains much about the purpose of the castellated beams and their use.

To view this article, click on "Read All About It" above.
Contractors have seen several projects this year include the use of the castellated or cellular beams for long span applications. These beams are made by cutting a standard wide flange shape in half a certain way, then stacking the straight cut portion on top of itself to form the openings - see picture to the left.
The exclusive provider of the SmartBeam (R) technology in the Western United States, Stearns offers an innovative and economic alternative for long span heavily loaded floor systems.
The SmartBeam systems provide building flexibility with floor height as well as open space at a lesser cost per square foot than standard beam framing designs. Call our friends at R.F. Stearns, Inc. for pricing or click on the link to the right to go to their website!
R.F. Stearns, Inc., - 5200 SW Meadows Road, Suite 200 - Lake Oswego, Oregon 97035 - (503) 601-8700
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