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Accounts Payable Meet Accounts Receivable!

The article 'Accounts Payable, Meet Accounts Receivable' presented in the August issue of The Fabricator's Resource is easy for us all to talk about, but it is a hard thing for the fabricator to actually do. Fear of creating a difficult situation with the customer looms large and can prevent us from taking the necessary steps towards creating a cash positive project.

Remember that keeping the project on task financially is the move of a responsible business person. You are not a bank and it is not your job to finance the work. The fabrication you are providing is custom and cannot be used by another customer.

Usually, the fabricator's financial problems are caused by untimely payments and lack of full payments of the invoices. You showing due diligence will help the customer understand the needs of supporting the product they have purchased from you and will result in billings to their customers being proactive as well.
Try the steps as outlined in the article for one project and you may see a difference with how the cash flow moves. Nothing will be lost in the asking, but everything could be lost one day if you don't.

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