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Safety equipment for painting includes facemasks, respirators, sock hats, hard hats, eye protection, gloves and steel toed boots.

 Be sure everyone knows where the safety kit is and the locations of fire extinguishers.

Have a binder handy to hold all of the Material Safety Data Sheets otherwise known as MSDS sheets for each product that the company uses for coating. These can be obtained from the product suppliers.

Compressed air should not be used for dusting yourself off, and should never be directed at another person.

Never spray in unventilated areas. Fumes may cause serious illness or injury. Spontaneous combustion can cause an explosion if ignition occurs in unventilated areas.
Painting has it's own list of hazards and safety requirements that are in addition to the regular shop safety requirements.

When working with coatings or anything else you can be inhaled, good ventilation is the key. It is recommended that fans be set up to blow the contaminant away. Respirators may be worn to keep exposure at a minimum.

There are several kinds of respirators, those that filter for dust or fumes, and those that provide fresh air. Be sure to choose the proper respirator and filters for the work that you are doing, learn how to use it and that it fits properly. Good face seal indicates a good fit for a respirator.

Respirators need to be checked and cleaned daily, and stored properly after each use. A logbook will need to be maintained to verify the cleaning and inspection for each use. Respirators, like any other piece of equipment, need to be properly maintained to remain adequately affective.

To ensure the proper execution of a respirator safety program, pre-employment exams are required to ensure that employees are in adequate health to use respiratory equipment. This physical exam will also provide a baseline of the employee's condition. Periodic physical exams with biological monitoring in the form of blood and urine samples should be conducted to ensure good health maintenance for the employee, and verifies that any chemical exposure is not causing any physical damage.

If there ever is a coating related illness or accident, you may be asked to provide a copy of your safety plan, copies of the Material Safety Data Sheets and the respirator log book. Keep these documents updated and handy for easy reference.

Never work alone. Many work related deaths occur mostly because the individual was performing a task in an area where no one else was around.
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