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Elements for Creating a Quality Control Manual
Internal Communication is the next item on the list that must be identified and established. What we are looking for here is to describe the process by which the work flow is handled, in what order by department. An example of a simple description is the following:

The purchase order is reviewed for accuracy with the estimate and bid letter for provisions by the owner or the owner's representative. The project is then assigned to the project manager. The project manager executes the steel detailing and shop detail drawings are then created for approval submittal.

After receipt of approved steel detail drawings, the documents and the proposed purchases are approved by quality control. After that internal approval, the materials are purchased by the purchasing agent. Copies of the approved shop detail drawings are then released for fabrication, and copies of the drawings together with the appropriate specifications are provided to the shop superintendent and the quality control manager.

The project manager then oversees the shop superintend in production of the fabrication, with the quality control department verifying the accuracy of the fabrication by quality control check points as established for the project. As the fabrication is in process, the coatings manager reviews the shop detail drawings and specifications for the coating requirements and get the coating materials ordered through the purchasing agent after approvals by the project manager and quality control. After completion of fabrication, the coating department the performs their work and the materials are then staged for shipping after a final quality control verification. The project manager maintains the shipping schedule for the shipping/receiving manager, and the materials are shipped and billed.

This brief description of internal communication is a basic description of the process. More specific documentation may be provided according to the type of fabrication that your shop executes. As long as each step is described, this documentation may be as brief or as detailed as your company requires.
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