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October 2011
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In the September issue of The Fabricator's Resource, we discussed some common detailing issues that are due not utilization industry standards.

Click on the link below to view some parts drawings that contain some of those issues.

Feel free to review these drawings and give us your thoughts on them by return email, the link is provided at the shop drawing sample sheet.
Talk about Presentation!
The discussions can go on forever between steel detailers about the work they do and how hard of a job it is. Harder still is creating and maintaining a solid customer base. The bottom line is that all the steel fabricator really seems to care about is the price that they buy their drawings for.

Information seems to be everywhere regarding the computer programs that the steel detailers are using. Always about the programs. Very little about the type of training and experience steel detailers have had apart from those programs. There is not enough conversation regarding the back story associated with successful and not so successful project experience.

One way we can help to turn the fabricators attention to quality over price is by asking questions. How do their projects normally go? What problem areas do they find commonly find themselves dealing with regarding their steel shop drawings? Are the shop detail drawings timely for approvals and shop submittals? Does the fabrication go smoothly with few or no questions? Does the steel always fit in the field?

In order for steel detailers to create quality drawings, they have to know by what means that quality is measured. Steel shop detail drawings should be completed according to the information provided in Detailing for Steel Construction that is published by the American Institute of Steel Construction. Yet we seldom see this manual mentioned in the resume's of many steel detailers and steel detailing firms.

The National Institute of Steel Detailing has a program for certification of steel detailers, and is the standard for quality steel detail drawings. The cost for membership and training is minimal compared to the value this program offers. Contact them by clicking on the link below for more information.
The Steel Detailer
Getting The Steel Fabricator To See The Difference.....
Talk It Out!
Before you start a project with a new customer, have a discussion on how they expect to see those drawings. Provide them with samples of your work for them to review and comment on.

This early review will
help to establish the format for editing and presentation of the parts,
thus preventing questions regarding interpretation and possible rework of the detail drawings.
Go to Shop detail drawing sheet!
National Institute of Steel Detailing