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   The Prevailing Wage Part III
We now see that some projects have had the prevailing wage requirements removed post bid day so the contractors may further reduce their pricing to the owners.

If this change in bid requirements had been done prior to bid day, it may have helped to keep the steel fabrication work within your state's borders!

Watch for the next report in the December issue of The Fabricator's Resource as we work to help resolve this problem!

If you search the Internet for information on prevailing wage laws, you will find a wealth of information for states to either repeal or reinstate these laws. Documents for the maintenance of prevailing wage are written by teachers, scholars and union members. Documents against prevailing wage are written by open shop contractors and taxpayers.

Those that oppose the prevailing wage laws say that current economics cannot support the maintenance of inflated union wages. Taxpayers are fed up with the continually rising costs of public works projects, and voters will not support candidates who side for increased taxes.

Proponents of the law argue studies show a downward trend in construction jobs, as well as wages and apprenticeship for those construction jobs that still exist. Their claims also include a trend towards an increase with job related injuries.

Studies may be shown to prove any argument.

The current economy alone is responsible for creating the downward trend in construction jobs available, and with it, the decreased need for apprenticeship training. The downward trend in wages is the desired result by the states who have repealed the law. Inflated injury claims could be attributed to workers seeking to support themselves on government money as they see the building market shrink.

Special interest groups hire lobbyists who provide study results and trends to politicians that prove the point they are trying to make. Whoever spends the most money collecting and configuring data to favor the desired results is what influences politics.

Career politicians cast their votes based on what will keep them office. There are times when we need to become our own lobbyists. This is one of those times.
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Not all States have these laws - Pros and Cons for Repeal
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Change is in the air!
Our public officials are there to help and are interested in supporting a resolution.

It is up to us as individuals to help create new laws or change existing laws to support any necessary changes.

Get on the phone today! It will not take much time and will make a big difference in our contracting future!

Talk to your State Senators!
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Many Americans believe the real problems began with the North American Free Trade Agreement and the General Agreement on Trade and Tarrifs in 1993.

These agreements force America's standard of living to be reduced to the level of those in other countries.

This reduced standard no longer allows for the maintenance of the benefits that unions and prevailing wage agreements offer.

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