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Elements for Creating a Quality Control Manual
Documentation requirements consist of the following:

(covered in the articles for the Commitment/Policy, Management Responsibility, Direction and Leadership, Management Representatives and Resources)

(in this case, the AISC Standards which will be outlined in the Quality Control Procedures in December)

Customer based documentation requirements as outlined by the project specifications and drawings are required to be maintained for every project.

Purchased steel materials, fasteners and bolts will require mill certifications to verify their source and material content. Quality control documentation from vendors will need to be collected for all outside services and labor resources. This group should include steel detailing, specialty cutting, drilling, metal forming, coatings and any other processes involved with the fabrication of your work. Documentation of visits to any outside vendors for the purpose of quality control verification may also be needed.

The requirements for documentation will vary according to the size of your company and the type of fabrication that you do. All the elements of the project specifications that are required as part of your fabrication should be included.

The commitment to quality for your company is verified by the collection and maintenance of these documents. Keeping these documents and verifications on file should be part of the standards for your company quality control program.
Creating your QC Standards

Quality Control Procedures


Material Identification

Fabrication Processes

Inspection and Testing


Quality Control Records
Direction and Leadership

Management Representative
Management Responsibility

Internal Communication
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