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Shop Talk with Steve
It just never ends. Your guys have safely glasses. They know that they are required to use them at all times. Yet here you are, filling out another injury report because a worker had to make a trip to the doctor to remove something from their eye.

Most superintendents make their choices for safety glasses based on what the guys will wear. Makes sense if you think about it. If your workers don't like having to use safety equipment, buy them something cool that makes the wearing fun. Saves allot of nagging.

The problem here is that what is cool may not be providing a good fit. Safety glasses lose their effectiveness if they do not fit properly. Everyone has a different size and shape of face. It is necessary to have different types and sizes of safety glasses around to accomodate that variable.
Safety glasses should be close to the face all the way around to show a proper fit. Talk to your vendor that sells you these glasses and ask for some samples so that you may try them out on your workers before you make a purchase.

Don't just ask the workers if they feel ok, check them on the worker and make sure there are no open spaces around the eyes from the top sides and bottom before you give your vote of approval. This is, after all, your crew on your watch.

Make your purchases based on what works best. This will mean buying more than one style type. It may also mean spending a little more on safety glasses than you used to. The cost for glasses will still be less than the average $500 bill for a visit to the doctor for eye care, especially if you include the cost of time loss for the worker, and the uptick in your experience rating with Labor and Industries. An ounce of prevention.......well, you know.
Ask your welding supply vendor what kind of FREE services they offer!

Advice on welding processes and written procedures are often available.
Many offer welding demonstration time by an expert to be performed in your shop, and can be set up according to your shop fabrication schedule.

Need advice on new equipment, new processes or new products? Set time aside during your regular visits from these vendors to discuss what is up and coming in the industry so that you can stay on top of it all.

Awareness and implementation of practices and procedures that make your job easier and increase efficiency for the shop will result in supporting a competitive edge that translates into profit for the company.
Take advantage of your Vendor Knowledge!
Safety First! Tips on Eye Protection
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December 2011
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