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December 2011
Most shops that do their own prime painting have facilities conducive only to allow them to get by with their immediate needs. Most steel fabricators generally do not employ professional coaters. Consequently, not a lot of thought goes into the coating process unless things go wrong. Often errors are not discovered until the product has moved out into the light of day to be shipped.

No matter what the product delivery schedule is, if the job is not done right the first time, we ALWAYS have to make time to correct a mistake. A simple check for adequate and correct coverage prior to flipping or moving the steel does not take that much time and will save big in extra handling and labor costs. Coating problems are often missed for the lack of doing that last quick back check. If the lighting is bad, use a flashlight. If you don't have time, ask for help.

It is bad enough that the product makes it out of the shop with coating errors, it is worse to get a call from the jobsite pitching complaints and threats for backcharges.

The "ghosting" in the pictures below could have been avoided if someone had just taken a minute to check their own work before staging it to be loaded onto trucks.

Anybody care to guess at what happened to the paint job on the tank to the right?
Using the correct cleaning method for the materials prior to coating can be just as important as compatibility between the primer and finish paints.
All things Compatible!
Quick QC checks could save big!
The Painter's Bucket
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