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December 2011
Regardless of size, any company owner that wants to grow and expand will seek a resource for continuing education and advancement.

Most companies in and of themselves, find It difficult to keep up with the ever expanding construction rules, regulations and on the job safety requirements. The increased complexity in the working environment can be overwhelming.

Trade organizations are one avenue by which all of the specific industry concerns are bundled.

Most trade organizations offer information on trade shows and seminars that include continuing education on safety and trade practices. Their websites offer Information and updates on current law requirements, technical information, networking opportunities, career development tools, industry products, equipment and personnel training. They make all this information available for companies to use in whatever way it fits their organization.

The decision to join or not to join an association generally falls on the company owner or manager. Making this choice is based on what the company will gain in status, exposure and education. If a trade organization offers benefits that exceed the cost of joining, then it makes sense to include association membership as a company goal.


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The Steel Erector
Are Association Memberships a good idea?
To see the publication that is offered by the SEAA, click on the link above.

This publication by the Steel Erectors Association of America is packed with information that is specific to the steel erector and their needs.

There are articles with pictures of current and recently completed projects, advertisements for conventions, trade shows and seminars, and information on current legislation and new laws.

This magazine is a great read even for those that are not steel erectors, as it provide a look inside the inner workings of the trade responsible for installing the work the steel fabricator provides.
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SEAA Connector Magazine
SEAA is the leading professional organization for the advancement of steel erectors.

In 1972 a small local group of North and South Carolina steel erectors formed a non-profit organization that was then known as the Steel erector's Association of the Carolinas (SEAC).

Later, with the addition of members from Virginia, the association changed its name to the Steel Erector's Association of Virginia and the Carolinas or SEAVAC.

The organization quickly grew to represent steel erectors and associated companies throughout the United States and in 1992 became known as the Steel Erectors Association of America or SEAA.
Steel Erectors Association of America
Dedicated to promoting the awareness and continuing education of steel professionals everywhere!