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The Steel Detailer
Steel Advice - The Fabricator's Resource
December 2011
Competition from offshore steel detailers makes it more difficult to compete in an already tough market. The long list of problematic and failed projects does not seem to have made any impact with the fabricators contracting their steel detailing. When their choices appear to be purely based on price, how can you ever help the steel fabricator to realize the cost saving benefits of efficiency due to quality?

For those that are feeling hopeless, take heart - there is a change in the attitude of the general contractors and steel fabricators over the issue of bad detail drawings provided by the cheap steel detailers.

You may not be aware of it, but lately the first series of questions asked of the steel fabricator by the general contractor is centered around who they intend to use for a steel detailer. Contractors have become aware of who the good detailers are for their area, and are motivated to make certain that the steel fabricator is partnering with one of them before they award their projects.

General Contractors may still not fully understand the difference in the quality of the steel detail drawings. But they are beginning to understand that the reputation of the management of the organization is what makes the difference between good and bad detailing firms.

This is a good thing. It means that contractors have become more aware and they are trying to prevent bad decisions. The contractor is now influencing the steel fabricator to make wiser choices about who they use for a steel detailer.
Now is the time for the steel detailer to reinforce this trend and to increase their market value by becoming certified. Put yourself on the list of preferred steel detailers and create the competitive edge you are looking for.

Check out the options by clicking the link to the NISD website.
The Steel Detailer
Why be certified?
Initially, the thought is that the cost for a steel detailer to become certified too expensive.

In checking out the AISC website for information, we find that the initial cost for steel detailer certification without the advantage of any other membership discounts is $9500.00.

Pricing for NISD certifications start at under $2000. Membership to the NISD is not required. Click on the link below for more information!
The Benefits of being a certified Steel Detailer
Is Certification Cost Prohibitive?
Credibility. Accountability. Reliability. Put a dollar amount to these trade virtues. Try to get an assumption from your customer as to what these are worth. We know this is impossible as these virtues also provide immeasurables like peace of mind, stability and assurance.

More often than not, the steel detailer is the smartest guy in the room. Often unrecognized for the depth of their contribution, some steel detailers have become somewhat jaded individuals.

The school of hard knocks provides no diploma to the steel detailer that has survived the rigorous trade years spent creating a complete and useable product from documents which are neither.

This continuous working education,
no matter how lengthy or diverse is simply not revered at the same level as the college educated design teams that provide the documents from which we all try to work.

The certification is the steel detailer's diploma. The NISD offers this to you - do not hesitate any longer to get your certification!
National Institute of Steel Detailing
Dedicated to promoting the awareness and continuing education of steel professionals everywhere!