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December 2011
Elements for Creating a Quality Control Manual
Quality Control Procedures
The fabricator's management determines the level of detail in the Quality Manual and Procedures. At a minimum, these documents shall be detailed enough to adequately describe the Quality Management System used by the fabricator to assure the production of products of the required quality.

The required quality is outlined in the customer specifications of the project. Many quality requirements are common from project to project. Many of the processes used to produce structural steel have an effect on quality and are fundamental and integral to the fabricator's success. Consistency in imposing quality requirements between projects facilitates more efficient procedures. Standard documents are the following:

Maintaining these standard documents for every project promotes the fundamental quality control procedure for the organization. All items for procedures, qualifications and inspections are submitted to the engineer of record for approval. Material Test Reports and approved copies of the procedures, qualifications and inspections are maintained in the project file. Copies will be sent to the customer along with all other project close out documents upon completion of the project.

Quality Control Procedures continues with the inclusion of the handling descriptions to be covered in future issues of The Fabricator's Resource. Each department identified by the company's organization chart will include a description of document handling that is required as part of that job description.
Creating your QC Standards
Quality Control Procedures


Material Identification

Fabrication Processes

Inspection and Testing


Quality Control Records
Direction and Leadership

Management Representative
Management Responsibility

Internal Communication
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