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Elements for Creating a Quality Control Manual
Quality control procedures for purchasing are established both by company standards and customer requirements. The company documentation procedure shall include the following elements:

                                                Purchasing Data
The company should establish the elements that are used to determine the purchase of materials. An example of this would the a copy of the project specifications and shop detail drawing material lists.
                                         Selection of Subcontractors
The company should create a list of preferred subcontractors that have been reviewed and approved by the quality control manager. In general terms this list of preferred providers would include steel suppliers, metal forming and steel cutting companies, steel detailers, coating applicators or any other vendors that the fabricator must subcontract to complete the performance their portion of the work.

                   Verification of Purchased Products, Materials and Services
Documents that verify all purchased items are maintained and controlled by purchasing. Examples of these documents are material bills, manufacturer's test reports or MTR's, and compliance verification for special order items.

Each purchase order written should provide a clear description of the products, materials or services ordered, including any references to the specifications, drawings, process requirements and inspection instructions with witness points.

Purchase orders should also include the requirements for certifications of compliance, material test reports and non destructive testing reports. Do not forget the delivery instructions and the required date for that delivery.
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